Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicken Coops

hen heaven
I want chickens, I want them to follow me around the garden on a soft 
spring day. I want to name them chickeny names like Henrietta, or Miss Prissy.  
I want to gather the eggs in a wicker basket filled with straw as birdies chirrup
my arrival to their mini Edwardian coup (in the matchy, matchy house colours) 
and I want a chicken keeper to do all the other stuff.
no chooks for me then..
My friend Georgie Leckey, the Bedhead Queen and boss of  Heatherly Designs
has perfectly behaved, photogenic chickens and a few very polite other pets too!
We photographed her spectacular garden in Acheron (Great Dividing Range)
for H&G (in this months edition) and had a wonderful time with
her curious chooks...Georgie and I are hiding at either end of the 
vernadah-she's tossing in chickens and I'm throwing bread.

or hell to have chickens? 
We have the perfect property(see second image below) for chickens and a ready
made hen house, needs a bit of work but was operating as a chicken receptacle
long before we bought Somerton. Granted we have 2 dogs, one of which loves to
retrieve balls, sticks, socks and the odd turtle dove. Plus there might be a few foxes
about given that the prior owners had a full hen house before a particularly
sad morning in April a few years ago.

Is it that difficult or, like anything worthwhile is it about time, 
commitment and tucking them in at night?
Q&A Should I revamp the hen house and toss in a few chickens?
dream V reality
ttfn Jo

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